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Michelle began walking in prophecy and the discerning of spirits as a small child though she had no formal teaching about these spiritual gifts until much later in her journey with the Lord.  Growing up during one of the great revivals in the United States led her to have a passionate relationship with Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit, who became her constant companions and mentors.

Praying for and encouraging people, serving in churches, and serving various ministries and non-profits became Michelle's greatest joy. The closer she got to Jesus, the more her heart ached to serve His sons and daughters. Some of the ministries she has served during the past 30 years include altar prayer ministry, praying and teaching at the local Healing Rooms, teaching Sunday school, and participating on prophetic and deliverance teams.

Her secular work experience includes working in Washington, DC; working in the Corporate Communications Department at the headquarters of a technology company; and most recently serving as a public school teacher. Teaching in the suburbs for the first half of her career and teaching in the inner city for the second half of her career, Michelle found meaning in motivating and inspiring children to be their best and give their best every day. As she frequently says, “I learned just as much from the students as they learned from me.”

Michelle earned a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature and Political Science 
and went back to school to study Elementary Education.  Her Master's Degree is in Curriculum Instruction and Development. After attending Dr. Randy Clark's Global Awakening School of Supernatural Ministry for two years, she learned a significant part of her purpose is to teach people of all ages about their identity so they may fulfill divine destiny.

Using her voice to release God's truth in an honest and loving way, Michelle delivers God's messages and teachings to individuals, groups, and nations—both in person and through technology. Influencing governments through prayer and prophecy is one of the goals of the ministry.


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