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Social Media
Hashtag  #michellemaymin

I post the SAME content on Telegram and Truth Social and I post A LOT of small prophecies, encouragement, etc. there!

TELEGRAM (click here)
It's like Twitter but with freedom of speech!

ALL CONTENT is on Telegram & Truth Social:
* Videos (links) & Scripture
* Short prophetic words/insights
* Short visions/prophetic pics
* Weekly Prayer & Fasting Focus
*Encouraging notes

Please come and join us!

Truth Social (click here)
Both the iPhone and Android versions of Truth Social are available!
I post the SAME content as Telegram but a shorter version for Truth Social (limited space per post).

Rumble Channel (videos)
Subscribe to my Rumble channel which I began because of YouTube censoring. Some videos are ONLY on Rumble & Bitchute. In the near future, I will be doing LIVE BROADCASTS and I'm working on uploading all YouTube videos to Rumble & Bitchute.

Bitchute Channel (backup video channel)
Bitchute Channel is my backup channel if Rumble videos are not loading. I am working on uploading all the content from YouTube to Bitchute. Some videos (like COVID and vaccine prayer below) are ONLY on Bitchute & Rumble.

Twitter (click here)
Less content than Telegram/Truth Social and SHORTER posts


COVID Healing Prayer Video on Rumble! (CLICK HERE)
People around the world have contacted me to report 
God HEALED them of COVID as they listened to Holy Spirit pray through me! One woman actually got out of bed and walked laps around her pond! Praise JESUS! Lord, we ask you to HEAL MANY more.

Prayer to Neutralize the vaccine (CLICK HERE)

For everyone who has gotten or will get "the jab".

Prayer/Vision for Lawmakers: ABORTION (CLICK HERE)

This prayer came from a vision I had of lawmakers waking up to the truth about abortion.

This is a boring but necessary video. It shows EVERY video I posted to YouTube (2016-2022) with date stamps. Since MANY prophecies were time-sensitive, so the channel documents when they were posted. Remember, this season is temporary and someday our FREE SPEECH will be fully restored!

ARCHIVE YouTube Channel  I NO LONGER post on YouTube!
Sadly, YouTube has begun to delete my content. Therefore, as of 2022, I will not post MOST NEW videos there. I kept the channel because it shows DATES I put out prophecies and I started RUMBLE in 2021, 5 years after I started on YouTube. It is now an ARCHIVE.

Old FaceBook Ministry Page (post ONE DAY a MONTH!)
I am only on Facebook ONE DAY a MONTH!!! My account is being censored, shadow-banned, etc. so I stopped posting. Telegram and Truth Social are the BEST to see posts and short prophecies, new videos, etc.



Free Resources BELOW:
What is God's PURPOSE for my life?
Many people have questions about the PURPOSE God has for their life. The tools below will help you narrow down this big question. Knowing who we are (personality type), what gifts He gave us (spiritual) and what area we are motivated to help in (core values) provides us with a picture of the DESTINY and PURPOSE the Lord planned for us to live out.

Personality Test

Beyond Meyers-Briggs Test

"Chazown" Test

S.H.A.P.E. Test

Core Values Test

Personal Values Test

Core Values Exercise

For FAMILIES with Children

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